About LancerME

LancerMe is a platform for hiring of independent external resources (Freelancer) that combines business owners and employers in touch and continue in a global network of freelancers staff so that any member can post project whether small or large projects for short periods or extended projects periods. Then you can choose the freelancer highly skilled staff who provide special rates and time to work.

LancerMe platform to will provide you to search in the largest freelancer’s community in the Middle East, arrange the exchange of benefits which to provide thousands of accounts of freelancers of highly accurate and skills to accomplish tasks without commitment to hire them full time. Freelancer work to benefit from the available source to work in their part time full time or for those who want to work freely.

LancerMe supervised by a group of developers Launched in the UAE and has several agents and in Arab countries Registered under BABROKER L.L.C Dubai.